Rent varies from $700 to $2000, depending on what you choose.
Rent, Medical Insurance Premiums, Car Payment, Gas (Petrol), Car Insurance, Transportation Cost (bus passes), Grocery Bills, Contents/Renters Insurance, Car Repairs, Life insurance, Children’s Education Fees, Gym Membership, and Children’s Sports/Activity Expenses.
These are some of the common ones.
Different provinces have different weather from mild to heavy winter.

In Canada there are four seasons. In BC
Nov to Feb – Winter
Mar to May - Spring
Jun to Sep - Summer
Oct to Nov – Fall

In BC, summer temperature can reach up to 30 degree and winter temperature up to -20 degree, depending on where you are located. Bring your clothes accordingly.
You can bring the funds in the currency of your choice, but Canadian or US dollars are preferred. If you are bringing more than $10,000, remember to declare at the customs on your arrival.
When you are moving into Canada, you may bring your personal items without paying duty, but we suggest you check the following website for complete set of items. www.cic.gc.ca
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