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One of our friendly staffs will meet you at the airport to pick you up and transport you to your new home safely.
We will consult with you in advance to find out your needs and arrange a safe and suitable accommodation for you within your budget.
We will work with you to choose the right bank to meet your current and future financial, as well as investment needs. We will provide comparable charts for you to choose the bank that fits your needs.
BC Identification card is the photo identification, issued by Canadian Government. It is used for various purposes, such as obtaining Government services, status identification, and age verification. We will help you to fill out necessary paper work to get your BC ID as soon as possible after your arrival.
Most accommodations do not come as furnished. To give you a comfortable welcome, we will consult with you and purchase your furniture such as, bed frames and mattresses prior to your arrival based on your price range and preference. When you arrive, your home will be ready for you to rest after a long day of travel.
We will make arrangements to exchange your currency to Canadian dollars immediately upon your arrival.
If your children are under 18 years old, they may be eligible for several grants and benefits from the Government of Canada. We will have all the forms ready for you in advance, so that you can apply for the benefits as soon as you arrive.
If your credentials are from outside of North America, it is advisable to get your credentials assessed for the equivalency in Canadian standards. In Canada credential evaluation does not guarantee recognition of your qualifications.
If you have a valid driver’s licence from outside Canada, it is legal to drive in British Columbia up to 3 months as a new permanent resident and 6 months as a visitor. Students also can drive until completion of their study if they are enrolled as a full time student in Canada.

If you have no driving experience in North America, we recommend you to take some driving lessons prior to driving in Canada. We can make an appointment with reputable driving institutions and can also provide you with study materials for your BC driver's licence test.
There are several Do’s and Don’ts in every country. We will give you an introduction about all you need to know to stay informed.
English and French are the official languages in Canada. Your communication ability in one of the official languages is necessary for your success and job hunting. If you are interested, we will get you registered for suitable English classes to start your learning right away.
This program is developed by the BC Government to assist with children between the ages of 0-5 years old to develop their learning prior to school admission for free of charge. We will find a location which is close to your residence and take you to the school to get your children registered for the programs.
Arriving to Canada can be an overwhelming experience, with not knowing where to shop, what to buy, or how to get around. It could be stressful. Here at New Can Post Landing Services, we will get you started with some basic groceries, such as eggs, bread, milk, and fruit to help you with this new transition. (Additional charges are applied).
Choosing the right place to live is crucial when you are a newcomer. We will drive you around and help you get to know the good and bad areas of town, ways to get around, the places to shop and worship, places to avoid and where to get help if needed in order to feel settled in your new environment.
Having a Library card, you will be able to enjoy about of services. You can rent books, DVD’s, CD’s, and magazines. Meeting room, computers, internet, copy & fax machine, job searching, and photocopies are available for the members. Of course, studying is one of the main purposes to go to libraries. We can make an arrangement to take you to the Public Library to set up your Library card.
When you first arrive in BC, you do not have medical coverage from the BC government. There is a waiting period of 3 months before you become eligible for the coverage. During this waiting period, if you have to visit a doctor or get prescription for medication, it will be very costly. Temporary medical insurance coverage will give you that peace of mind. We will make sure we will arrange a suitable medical insurance plan for you.
It is advisable that you apply for a Medical Services Plan (MSP) card as soon you can. We will assist you with filling out necessary forms to apply for your MSP card.
We will provide you with comparable charts in terms of the best offers to select a suitable plan to meet your needs. We will also take you to the service provider to set up your mobile phone account.
In Lower Mainland there are several ways you can get around
  • Rapid Transit (Sky train)
  • Transit Buses
  • Handy Dart (door to door service for people with cognitive disabilities)
  • Sea bus
  • Taxis

We will give you an introduction to the transit system to make your travel easier and comfortable
If your resume is not ready, your chances to be hired can be reduced. We will provide a sample resume, so that you can prepare one of yours. If you need assistance in preparing one, we can refer you to government agencies that will help you for free of charge to prepare your resume and get you ready for interviews.
You may be eligible for Rental Assistance Programs if your annual income is under $35,000 and you have one or more dependent children. *** More conditions may be applied.
When you move into your rental home, it is advisable that you purchase Renter's Insurance for your personal valuables. The insurance covers tenants' personal properties against named perils, such as fire, theft, and vandalism. The owner of the building is responsible for insuring the building, but bears no responsibility for the tenant's belongings. We are more than happy to arrange you with the Renter's Insurance upon your request.
As per your request, we will be able to discuss with schools in the area for child’s educational needs. Admissions are not guaranteed.
A Social Insurance Number is a number issued by Government of Canada to administer various government programs. You need to have a SIN number to get government grants such as child benefit and to apply for an employment.
We will assist you to fill out necessary paper work to apply for American Visiting Visa.
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